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4 Reasons to Get a Printer Service Agreement for Your Business

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Printers that run daily can experience a lot of issues. Toner runs out, paper jams in the machine, or the copier has trouble connecting to the office network - those are just a few of the common examples. To help ensure your printer runs smooth and efficiently, you have the option of signing up for a service agreement with a repair company.

A printer service agreement comes with multiple benefits for your business. Ultimately, a contract can save you time and money - two major goals of any company. Each one of the following benefits will help you achieve those goals and make all of your printer needs as hassle-free as possible.

1. Temporary Replacements

The workload in your office can quickly pile up if a printer is out of commission. You need a replacement fast, but you may not have budgeted for a brand-new or even a refurbished machine. When you sign up for a service contract on the printer, your contract likely includes a stipulation that the repair company will provide a replacement printer if they can't fix it right away.

While your printer or copier is getting repaired, you can resume business as usual. The service company will often be able to provide your business with a printer that is the exact model of the one you were using, which eliminates a lot of the hassle of changing printers. You'll be able to get the same document quality and utilize the same features.

2. Printer Brand Expertise

All printers are made differently. Manufacturing companies typically don't use the same pieces and parts in their machines as their competitors do. Essentially, this means you usually can't mix and match toner cartridges or replacement parts.

When you sign up for a service contract, you have quick access to technicians who have experience dealing with machines made by your printer's manufacturer. The service company technicians will have more parts in stock, can complete repairs more quickly, and will understand exactly how the device works.

Expertise in specific brands can make a huge difference in the long run, and a service contract will ensure that you're working with the same technicians each time instead of hopping around from company to company.

3. No Extended Waits

When you contact a printer repair company out of the blue, you have no idea what to expect from their workloads and wait times. You could be stuck waiting several hours or even several days. Some companies may even charge you more for same-day emergency service.

If your business is already signed up with a service contract, then you will likely have a dedicated team of professionals ready to complete your service as soon as possible. You will not get placed on the backburner and can ensure your devices are repaired as needed. After using the service a few times, you will know what to expect when it comes to wait times and completing services.

4. Printer Cleaning and Maintenance

Along with as-needed repairs, cleaning and maintenance tasks are typically included in the contract's total price. A technician will visit your office regularly to ensure that your toner is being used properly, that paper jams are kept to a minimum, and that your printer is performing as well as it should.

Maintenance can go a long way in keeping your printers running for years without any major issues. The services will save you money on replacement parts or having to replace a printer altogether. The longevity of a printer is greatly extended when everything is properly taken care of.

Set up an on-going service agreement with our techs at Copier Specialists, Inc. We have experience servicing many top printer and copier brands, and we care about catering to the needs of individual businesses.